Priorities change with time. In 20s it is mostly one’s career to build, for which one ventures into big far-off cities. Later, sooner than one realizes, family becomes a priority.
However, then, one finds it hard to juggle between work and home as the paced life of metros leaves him with no time for family or self.
Here arises the need of local offices which offer one the comfort of the hometown, closeness and warmth of the family, quality time with the loved ones and enough room for one’s own self; all, while making absolutely no compromises at the work front.

About us

We at Swipelocal understand the issues faced by the individuals who leave behind their families to work in MNCs in the metros. In our resolve to solve their dilemma of choosing between family and highly paid jobs, we offer them the convenience of well-established local offices in the vicinity of their hometowns.


Why Choose Us

No Property Related Issues

By choosing us, you pave your way to hassle-free working. While we take care of all the property related matters to provide you with a comfortable and well-facilitated work environment you can continue to work zealously towards your career goal.

Well-Furnished Place at Nominal Cost

We at Swipelocal believe in offering nothing but the best. Our local places are well-equipped with all the desired amenities and are offered at the best possible cost.

Prime Location

Taking into consideration the convenience of the people, our local offices are situated at prime locations which are well-connected and have all the desired resources closeby.

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