A happy employee is one of the greatest assets to an organisation

In this race of life, everybody is busy meeting the ends and to do so one takes tough calls and makes big moves. In the process he leaves his family behind to work in a large multinational company and build a solid career.

However, sooner than later, he realizes the importance of his family. He not only misses having his family and friends around but is also worried and concerned about their well-being.

He begins to get a feeling that it is time he paid his dues and not only took care of his loving old parents but also gave back to the society he grew up in.

However, being remotely located he finds himself unable to help and thus in a real bad fix. This lingers on his mind as he continues to work where he is, but soon it begins to affect his productivity at work. At times so much so that he feels he is neither at work nor at home.

His inefficiency affects not only his own targets but also the goals to be achieved by his organization.

On the contrary, with cities having lost the sheen those had once, owing to the present day issues of population, pollution and traffic congestion etc., it is also often seen that the seasoned employees, who are looking for stability and desire to settle down finally, are not as tempted to continue there today and instead prefer the vast vistas and ambient environs of the suburbs or small towns.

Adding to their choice is the fact that the cost of living in smaller places is remarkably lesser than that in the metros leading to more disposable incomes and thus better standard of living.

All these factors make it difficult for the employers to get or keep for long the capable and motivated employees. This is a disconcerting but avoidable work scenario which can be dealt with perfectly today, thanks to the world of internet and ever-developing technology.

Understanding comprehensively the needs of you employers as well as those of the highly capable employees with heart at home, we at SwipeLocal offer well-furnished and smartly equipped local offices.

Our local offices present to you the opportunity to offer your current employees the option to work from proximity to their homes. Or you may also employ the most talented individuals with immense capability, residing in small towns or suburbs.
The local offices have an advantage over work from home option as these do not have the distractions of home and offer an impeccable professional environment.

Besides, by renting a local office, you save on costs incurred by the cab services you otherwise offer to your employees or the travel allowance you pay to them. Also, when living away from home employees travel frequently to visit their family which leads to a substantial expense. This overhead expense is avoided by working from a local office close to home and results in a win-win situation for both you and your employee.

Also, the time your employees would spend commuting to our local office in a small town would be lesser than that to your office in a big city. This would help save a lot of precious time on a daily basis which in turn will undoubtedly enhance their efficiency and productivity at work.  

Meeting their needs while fulfilling their aspirations will help keep the employees happy and motivated enhancing their productivity manifold. Reserve your local office with us today and take your organization to unparalleled heights.

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