Work from home vs. Work from local office

Now a days,  people across the world had seen using the very first opportunity coming their way to do their regular job begin working from home.

While working from home gave them many advantages over commuting daily to their workplace, it for sure had its own cons due to which arose the need of Local Offices; offices that are located close to one’s home, and offer the perfect environment and infrastructure to enhance one’s efficiency and performance at work.

Let’s have a quick look at the advantages Local Offices have over Working From Home.

Effect on attitude and health

Although initially working from home tempted people as they could work from wherever,  wearing whatever and play whenever, it led to the negative consequences like a casual attitude towards work and health ailments due to bad posture etc.

Effect of work atmosphere on performance

Another important factor that goes against WFH is the fact that one’s work is taken for granted by his/her family members who expect their needs and demands be met as one ‘is around’.

These issues are automatically taken care of when one is working from a local office(WFLO). Local offices provide inspiring work atmosphere and enable one to focus better on the task at hand.

These not only take off the family disturbance but also provide proper desks and comfortable seating to ensure correct posture and focused approach.

Infrastructure and it’s maintenance

Also,  when Working From a Local Office, one has access to proper infrastructure like a stable high-speed internet connection, fax machine,  printer and constant power supply etc. obtaining which may otherwise involve high costs.

Moreover,  the responsibility of the maintenance of the same lies with the local office staff leaving one carefree to give it all to his work.

Exchange of ideas

Besides,  WFH can get pretty lonely at times for those who enjoy company while WFLO gives one the opportunity to interact with like-minded people making work a pleasure and broadening one’s perspective.

Employer’s Trust and Data Security

Last but not the least, WFLO enables one to win employer’s trust as it is a legal entity committed to ensure employee’s productivity.

The local office managers not only tend to the needs of an employee but also monitor his performance and motivate him to put in his best to achieve organizational goals. They also extend data compliance support to ensure data security at all times.

To conclude, between WFH and WFLO the latter takes the cake and offers multiple benefits an individual can use to his advantage.


  • MAHESH KUMAR VEPAMAKULA February 18, 2020 at 12:03 pm Reply

    I prefer to work from office when you are required to coordinate with multiple people and attend team meeting s it’s better to be in person along with team members.

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